Monday, June 4, 2007

Pre-Admission Testing

On Friday I went to the hospital for pre-admission testing. I answered many, many questions several times over, once for the surgeon and once for the anesthesiologist. The nurse took my blood and the X-ray technician and performed a chest X-ray. I'm all set now for surgery. I was reminded to bring absolutely nothing of value to the hospital, including jewelry and instructed to wear no makeup, lotion or powder.

So I'm leaving my fashionable suitcase, purse, jeans, and fun summer sandals at home and will arrive looking like I'm attending a soccer game. This is probably a good thing - I will reduce what I'm bringing to a very small duffle bag which will give me even greater incentive to get well quickly so I can go home.

I pity the hospital staff, because if I can talk I will be asking constantly to go home. My youngest, who is probably having the toughest time with my surgery, has been invited to go camping for the weekend which was perfect timing. Hopefully I'll be home before she is and there will be no tearful hospital visits.

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