Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Incision - 5 days post op

My incision looks good - or I suppose as good as one can look. I'm surprised at how small the actual incision is - by my unscientific measurements - it's about 2 and 3/4 inches. My surgeon is on staff at a local well-respected Children's hospital. I've read on-line that surgeons who also operate on children have a tendency to make much smaller incisions. While I think I have a little bruising, I also have some left over Sharpie marks from the surgery - some of which I have already removed as they were not under the bandage and some of which are still under the bandage. I'm supposed to be keeping the bandage dry and not touch it at all - I'm doing my best with this and am looking forward to Friday. I expect the bandage to come off and the stitches to be taken out by the surgeon. That's also when I get my final pathology report and I'm hoping for good news, but have prepared myself not to lose it if the pathologists report comes back with something other than benign.


Nikki said...

I never knew that surgeons who also operate on children make smaller incisions. In the grand scheme of things it makes perfect sense, so I'll just tuck that little tidbit of knowledge away until I need it.

I'm just glad to hear that you are doing well.

Glenda said...

Just looking at that photo makes me think of my incision! Of course, then it starts aching just a wee bit...

I didn't know that about the children's surgery either. I actually was surprised at how small my incision ended up being. (Your unscientific measurement is about 1/2 an inch smaller than my unscientific measurement.) Of course, I was expecting it to go from ear to ear!

I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you that the pathology report was good news.

I hope you're still continuing to do well, and that all is well in your world.

Glenda said...

OK Elle. I'm really starting to get worried about you since there hasn't been an update lately!!!
Is everything okay? I sure hope so.
PLEASE do some kind of an update--even if it's just "I'm busy so leave me alone!"